About Our Business

Joy Marr has been living in West Virginia for the past 30 years as a professional outdoors woman, a caterer, innkeeper, and culinary tour guide. She has been working and cooking in the outdoors professionally for over 25 years. Her passion, enthusiasm, and love of the active lifestyle is evident in her fun and flavorful cooking, which explores the regional cuisines of Italy, Mexico and other far reaches as well as Appalachia and traditional Southern fare ~ E.W. Massey~

JMCatering holds both quality and sustainability as guiding principals and supports like-minded businesses when sourcing foods and supplies for events. Maintaining close ties with purveyors, local farmers, foragers and ranchers allows JMC to serve the seasonal bounty these folks offer-thus providing high quality ingredients from which to create each of your great meals. Though some consider cooking 'seasonally' somewhat limiting, we embrace the challenge and adore the quality of the final products.

From Joy:
Back in 1992 I opened the first 'health food' store in the region-The Mountain Mercantile. Angie McGinnis a young upstart of a climber -- told me that if I pre made sandwiches with my fresh NY style bagels (I was driving 3-4 hours weekly to get these from Jeff's Breads in Lewisburg), not only would I get more climbers in-she was sure I would sell all my bagels. Well that simple and random idea was the start of my offering ready-made foods and baked goods in the Mercantile and eventually lead to serving lunches on Friday afternoons. To keep the meal as economical as possible it was always based on what was fresh and seasonally available-little did I realize, I was being a locavore long before it was in vogue.

As time went on, the 'food' end of the business kept growing as friends starting asking about foods for their weddings and other gatherings. I had a great catering partner at that time and Cindy and I took on many a job ( some of major proportions for our fledgling skills). Luckily we didn't know any better-they all turned out well and we survived to go on and open a real catering business. Cindy has since retired to raise her 2 boys, but the catering business has continued to grow and evolve into what you see here on these pages....enjoy!